PAIN™ is a video game for the PlayStation® 3, developed by Idol Minds,LLC. It was originally released as a downloadable title, available only from the PlayStation Store. PAIN™ was first released in North America on November 29, 2007 and became the most popular downloadable game on the PlayStation® Network. In June 2009.

While at Idol Minds, I helped the Idol team develop four downloadable titles under the PAIN™ brand.

" Dan has shown himself to be a dedicated and skilled artist since we hired him nearly two years ago. He was brought on as an entry level environment artist on Pain (PS3) and picked up our tools and processes quickly. 

In his role as an environment artist, Dan showed that he could take on the larger and more challenging art tasks and completed them with success. In addition to being a quick learner, Dan has the ability to work well under minimal supervision. 

His passion for the game industry and 3D art creation were clearly evident throughout his tenure at Idol Minds. His finger was always on the pulse of the industry and any advances in new technologies. 

Overall, Dan is a passionate and talented employee who has the drive to succeed in the game industry. He a team player and will be an asset to any company that chooses to hire him. It is very difficult to see Dan go, but unfortunately, recent circumstances have forced us to release valuable employees like him. I strongly recommend Dan to any company who is looking for a quality environment artist.”
Andy Meier, Environment Art Director

" Dan is the kind of artist you want on your team. Not only is he talented at modeling and lighting, but he is very efficient as well. For most people, getting to that level would be good enough, but not for him. He continually strives for improvement by entering art contests, training, consulting, and analyzing emerging trends. His passion for gaming and technical aptitude are also valuable assets”
 Brandon Simonds, Sr. Game Designer
" I had the pleasure of working with Dan at Idol Minds on Pain. He's very knowledgable about rendering and lighting, and has good attention to detail. With a great attitude and work ethic he make a strong addition to any art team.”
Chris Kline
, Sr Environment Artist
This gym was a small level that I worked on for the Sore Spots DLC in PAIN™. All Lighting, Modeling and Texturing was done by me
This gym was a small level that I worked on for the Sore Spots DLC in PAIN™. All Lighting, Modeling and Texturing was done by me

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